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Keplo is a pre-teen based social networking site for preteens that WANT a Facebook or Twitter account, but are too young to have one. We pre-teens must have equality! And that's what Keplo is for. You must be at least 11 years old to sign up. Age-lying will result in a permanent ban. ENJOY!

Daiden Aaron Kent (Mr. Marmale) - Founder and Head Administrator

The Original Kid Zacarus xD - Administrator

CTurtle - Administrator

Hey guys. As I told most of you that I have been applying to school. Most of the schools offer graphic design and intro to animation classes. So soon enough the website is  going to be full of animation and  cool art (aside from the stuff you guys do of course). I'm going to try to learn some stuff on my own ahead of time so stay tuned! -Mr. Marmale

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